Melkweg 50 Lightyears (EN)

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At the heart of Melkweg 50 Light Years is beautiful archive material about the many inspiring movements and legendary historic moments from the iconic venue on the Lijnbaansgracht. Featuring contributions from award-winning writer and spoken-word artist Zaïre Krieger, VPRO programme maker David Kleijwegt, media critic Madeleijn van den Nieuwenhuizen and Melkweg founder Cor Schlösser, this material forms the basis of a special book about various themes that have defined the Melkweg for five decades already. With chapters on hip hop, contemporary dance, cinema, heavy music and free space, the book shows the great significance of the Melkweg for the cultural development of Amsterdam – past and present.

ISBN: 9789090347127 (Dutch)
ISBN: 9789090347202 (English)
Concept and design: Van Lennep, Amsterdam
Coordination, archival research, chief editor: Mark van Schaick
Board of editors: Erik Backer, Fleurie Kloostra, Bregje Wigersma, Jet Zeiss
Writers: Aron Friedman, Alexander Hiskemuller, Bart van der Put, Cor Schlösser, Daan Holthuis, David Kleijwegt, Fenne Saedt, Madeleijn van den Nieuwenhuizen, Saul van Stapele, Suzanne Dechert, Zaïre Krieger.
English translator and editor: Roxy Merrell
With additional translations by: Julia-Beth Harris, Jeroen Kok, Iris Vandemoortele, Jo Mills 
English copy editor: Callum McLean